Designed & Manufactured

in the UK.

BOM Bike Cloud 2.jpg

BOM Bike Cloud 2.jpg

Cycle parking solutions seen around city centres and outside our  places  of work  are  often functional,  practical  objects  that  don’t  exactly  enhance  the visual appeal of our surroundings. The  Bike  Cloud  was  inspired  by  our desire  to  challenge  this  and  produce  a fun and aesthetically pleasing bicycle rack. 


Named after its cloud­like shape, Bike Cloud, has been designed to provide multiple, easily accessible locking points, enabling secure locking of both adult and children’s bicycles.


Laser  cut  from  mild  steel  and  galvanised  for  corrosion  protection, it has been ecologically designed with the base being formed from a cut­out of its main body to minimise waste.


To further ensure durability and long life-­in­-service, Bike Cloud is available in a  range of colour powder coated finishes to meet clients’ colour­scheme requirements.