The Robot Scooter Rack

The Spaceman was thought up by our Designer Rhys John and here is his initial sketch.

Following the initial sketch, Rhys went through the Odoni-Elwell Design Process and creared a more detailed drawing with rough measurements and product details.

With a clear idea of what the product will be and with a design in place, the Spaceman was then created using our CAD Software Solidworks.

The product sheet was then created for use in our manufacturing process. 

The Odoni-Elwell Spaceman Scooter Rack can either be wall mounted or free standing. This attractive and fun Scooter Rack can also be power coated in a range of colours. The Spaceman Scooter Rack can be wall mounted when space is limited or just to bring a wall to life. 



Here is the Spaceman Scooter Rack powder coated red located next to our ST2c Bike Shelter. Both the Spaceman Scooter Rack and the rest of the Motif Range can be used to create attractive and fun Bike parking solutions in schools, parks or anywhere! There are further products in development for theMotif Range and due to the use of laser cut steel, we can produce bespoke products to fit your company or school logo.