Designed & Manufactured

in the UK.

The Toast Rack provides a simple but effective bike storage solution in urban areas. The Toast Rack is heavy enough to discourage theft and could be moved indoors at the end of the day forming a mobile bike storage system.


The Toast Rack is formed and fully prefabricated to offer a 750 x 750 hoop against which the bike is parked and easily secured. The Toast Rack is designed and manufactured by Odoni-Elwell in the UK.


A series, of hoops are mounted to a continuous tubular base rail to form the toast rack configuration. Supplied with pre-drilled lugs for a surface fixing. Two cycles may be parked per hoop (one to either side).


Constructed of 48mm Diameter x 3mm thick mild steel tube. Galvanised after manufacture.


Odoni-Elwell Limited


North Blackvein Industrial Estate


NP11 7PX

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