Designed & Manufactured

in the UK.

Design & Concept

A simple, elegant, high specification Motorcycle Shelter designed and formed to compliment any development. The TS4CR Motorcycle Shelter is designed and manufactured in the UK by Odoni-Elwell.


The TS4CR Motorcycle Shelter has evolved to encompass the three main factors that will encourage cyclists & motorcyclists alike to use the proposed facilities and thus make any installation scheme a resounding success. Simple and easy access, security and weather protection are the foundations required to make sure the facilities provided are well used and successful.


The sweeping curved roof, finished with complimentary multiple skin Polycarbonate, offers a stunning 3.0m of cover offering the best possible weather protection (note - average M/Cycle length 2.20m). The open aspect shelter format, combined with the clear Polycarbonate cladding offers a clear, uninterrupted view throughout the shelter at all times and from all vantages, thus making it virtually impossible for tampering or unwanted interference to go unnoticed and hence, achieving an acceptable level of security combined with ease of access. In this instance Odoni recommend installation of the "Sheffield" stand for storage of cycles. The sheffield stand is substantial 48mm tubular steel and allows the user to chain both the cycle frame and wheels to the stand and therefore offering the user ultimate peace of mind if the cycle is to parked for any length of time. Construction is modular therefore any number or combinations of machines can be accommodated to suit your requirements.